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Re: In Space, No One Can Hear You Swell

PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2020 9:08 pm
by BioYuGi
"What? I assure you, I've done nothing." Tali wavered in place a bit as she kept looking back and forth between Peridot and Sabae as their bodies all tingled with that strange, yet pleasant sensation. She bit down on her lip, and carefully ran her hands under her body. She swore she didn't feel any different, but her three-fingered hands stopped right before the first dose of growth finished its sinister business. So she didn't get to touch the swollen mass of her donk as it doubled in size, changing from a large, already-doughy rear to one that stretched her skintight suit to its limit. Her cheeks were each bigger than her head, and wobbled with every slight turn of her body. The violet spheres undulated as she took deep breaths to steady herself, while she remained unaware of how her womanhood gained extra thickness as well and formed a prominent cameltoe on her suit. Her nipples became staggeringly erect, but only after her hands had passed by the slightly-swollen mounds. Most of her growth was centered on her lower body, even improving the girth of her thick thighs by a few inches. Tali's body still trembled, but as she saw the invader launching their attack, she knew she had to do something. Unaware for the moment that the armored figure was female, she decided to take action.

"A ship this large would have an armory... perhaps there's a shotgun I could grab to help out," she figured. The quarian pulled up her omni-tool and pressed a few buttons to get a schematic of the ship. "Yes, just past that entranceway and there's a section that looks important... I don't know if either of you can fight but I'm going to head that way and see if I can arm myself!" Tali offered. She began to run towards the area she'd figured out, her big butt cheeks clapping and quaking with each step of her large feet.

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PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2020 9:34 pm
by Geno XIII
Dominator could smell the faint scent of... lime mixed with ozone as a ball of lightning whizzed past her head, abrely almost hitting her ear and singing a little bit of her hair.


"H-hey clod! Look who's still... armed...! Get it.. armed... with an ARM!!"

The tiny goblin gem stood, so petrified with fear, but also a sense of duty to serve her diamond, that she hadn't even noticed that she was essentially a plump pair with a bulbous plumping form wrapped in spandex with a billowing ass and at least one or two holes popping up from overstretching... She was aiming for the head with her right hand forming a weird tower formation at her wrist because her limb enhancers were feeling unbearibly tight!

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2020 8:45 pm
by Silver
"Y-yes, I can fight.... I just need a weapon." Though she lived in moderate peace, Sabae was trained to fight if needed. Even if she didn't like it. She started to bound after Tali, coiling her tail up before she throws herself forward. The magnificent ass bouncing in front of her was more than a little distracting. She had to admit that Tali was already a bit of a bubble butt, but at that size she would never need a seat again in her life! She was so distracted by the rather arousing view in front of her she didn't fully realize the next burst that overtook her own body. While her first growth spurt was modest in comparison to what was to follow. Bursting forward, her bikini top digging into the swelling tit flesh as the once DD cups swelled larger and larger, the snake soon looking like she has two large watermelons attached to her chest, her clothing snapping at long last as she falls forward, landing tit first on the ground with a bounce.

She moaned, her sensitive nipples dragging against the ground as she rolls to the side, her hips similarly swelling out in a way that bust the skirt she wore, her noticeable hips now the wide birthing hips of a brood mother, giving her a sharp hourglass. She stopped, panting for a moment, her tongue flicking out to taste the air as she tried to push herself up, her heavy tits hanging down to rub against the floor even like this as she tried to pull herself together and continue to chase after Tali. "W-what is.... going on?"

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 4:08 pm
by Ulchaban
Tyr'ahnee snapped her head back to Dominator, her cheeks turning bright purple out of embarrassment, while she glared furiously. "Sh- shut up, you insolent fool!" She tried to stand up from her awkward position, her chest wobbling up and down, and she placed a hand on it to stop it. "This is... just a minor slip." The Martian queen (somewhat) proudly declared, trying to look stoic despite her blown-up figure.

Tyr'ahnee widened her eyes as Dominator charged her next attack. From that distance, it would be a sure shot! instinctively she hopped backwards, her new figure almost throwing her off-balance and her tits nearly slapping on her face, but the icy spear dove into the floor. "Ah-" She uttered, almost relieved. And then she saw Dominator's panties falling to the ground. "Hahahahahahahaha!!" Tyr'ahnee clutched her belly while keeling over, laughing hysterically, her whole figure jiggling nonstop. "Hahaha, oooh hohoho, I guess what goes around does indeed come around!"

"But... how did that happen to you?" Blue Diamond pointed at the two in bewilderment "You're all swollen! Can organics even inflate?!"

Meanwhile, Tali and Sabae managed to reach the armory without much problems. Though the doors were stuck partially open, and there was someone stuck between them.
Amelia had gotten herself stuck trying to get into the armory right before the doors malfunctioned. Her enormous M-cup tits had busted out of her tight blue uniform and blouse beneath, now tight in a white bra. Her gigantic ass jutted out far behind her, out of the armory, having ripped her pants' seams and bottom open and letting peachy ass and thigh fat pour through the holes and exposing her navy blue panties for Tali and Sabae to see, sunk between her meaty asscheeks. The feline captain was in a very, very humiliating position.

"Good ethereal heavens, finally! Uh, is someone there?" She tried to look over her shoulder. "I got stuck here!"

While all of this happened, the chemical filled the ship more. There was so much, that it started to look visible to the naked eye as a transparent haze. And the more concentrated the "haze" became, the stronger its effects grew. The occupants would feel a pleasant tingling under their skin and in their erogenous areas, changing them further from the inside out, pumping their swollen figures bigger, thicker, and jigglier.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 8:38 pm
by Mitsunami
Dominator's eyes flashed angrily as Tyr'ahnee began laughing, making the green-skinned evil overlord take a step forward with menacing intent, only to give a sharp pause, jerking her head back and making her entire figure jiggle enticingly as a bolt of gem-energy shot past her face, leaving a few charred strands of white falling from her hair. She glanced at the smoking black ends that were hanging from what was still attached to her scalp, giving them a light poke, then turned a fiery, pink-eyed gaze at the Peridot that had dared attack her.

"Ohhhh, ho even the weaklings think they can take me on just because of this!?" She demanded, indicating her swollen figure. "Well, before you drown in that newfound confidence...I think I have an insta-fix for this! Everyone's going down!"

She raised a hand up, covering it with a new layer of crackling ice as her wicked smirk returned. "Heh...good thing I binge-watched the first two seasons of Witch Doctor Prince and picked this trick all of you kindly fuck off!"

She slammed her palm down on the floor, instantly icing over a large circle of it around her...then a wider ring, then another, the ice spreading more and more rapidly as it moved out from her body, as well as starting to eject some nastily-pointed stalagmites of ice that pointed upward at every angle, apparently aiming to skewer everyone at once.

She did moan a bit as she felt her body start to grow again, but still pressed her attack. Her eyes narrowed and teeth grit in concentration, trying to ignore it as her breasts swelled to the point that they could hang to her waist, sliding out from under her T-shirt and showing off that her dark green nipples had puffed out to the size of her fist, her areolae following suit, spreading wider and beginning to puff up more. Her ass and thighs were wide enough that it looked like three of her original figure were standing side-by-side, all while her hair had grown nearly long enough to touch the floor from her full height.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 6:05 pm
by Geno XIII
"Ahaha~! What a ridiculous bulbous clod!" as the ice began to reach her feet, the odd gem suddenly hopped and landed on her disembodied fingers... which elongated slightly and acted as unstable spider legs as she kept balance with hwe waving legs in the air, unknowingly basically presenting to everyone as her own body hypocritically grew more bulbous...

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 6:38 pm
by BioYuGi
"Is everything oka-" Tali cut herself off when she saw Sabae burst out of her outfit. The wobble of Tali's buttocks as she turned to see what happened to the serpentine alien threw her for a loop. Not used to such a heavy bit of weight in her backside, Tali almost fell over, but managed to right herself while staring at Sabae's enhanced bosom. Tali's species hadn't had much need for saliva production, but hers significantly amped up at the sight of those tits jiggling right at her, before they slammed into the floor. Hearing the sensual sounds of her new ally wasn't helping Tali's burgeoning arousal either. She rubbed her thick thighs together as Sabae squirmed around. Tali knew she was meant to help Sabae up but it was genuinely more tempting to leave her to that fate just to see her writhe around in bliss for a while longer. She smacked her lips together and grabbed hold of Sabae's hand to help her up, moisture building between her legs.

"I, I have no idea. But..." Tali only now seemed to realize that her suit was tighter than it should have been. Their biosuits were stretchy, but still, the way she dragged her fingers longingly across her nether regions and butt cheeks made it clear she was thicker than normal. "Looking at you I assume it's getting worse. Certainly not good... But hopefully that's the worst of it," she said, unaware that she was yet to experience anything like the others at this point.

"O-Oh my..." Tali droned as she found the mature, voluptuous feline alien wedged in the door. She could barely hear what Amelia said as she approached. Tali's hands wavered in front of her as she neared the other woman, until both of her three-fingered hands pressed down on Amelia's rear. But it was not to try and push her out in any way. She was just mystified by an ass being that large. Perhaps it was jealousy hidden inside at a rear surpassing her own so greatly. She squeezed the cheeks together, and then let go to press on just one of Amelia's boobs instead, managing to reach through the small gap in the door to fondle them. Tali almost wanted to risk the allergic reaction to yank off her helmet and munch on the exposed ass in front of her. "How were you even capable of standing up l-l-llllliiiiiiy!"

Tali's moan of pleasure came from an alert on her visor that was now capable of seeing the chemical that had infiltrated her suit. Tali's pussy immediately pressed down on Amelia's ass as she began to feel the surge of growth overtake her, leading to the quarian basically humping the poor stuck woman as her own ass ballooned out beyond her back. It stretched her suit further and wider, while the rest of her lower body thickened to new extremes. Her calves doubled in girth, becoming thicker than her thighs, and then gained another inch of softness over that. Her thighs doubled as well, to the point they began to rub at each other even with them spread at shoulder-width, and Tali's hips matched Sabae's for 'brood mother' width as they accommodated her new mass. But even still, most of her growth was in her rump, with her cheeks expanding like someone had stuck a hose right up her bum.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh!" she cried out, her visor turning pink as she felt her ass quake and twerk with exceeding wobbles each time she humped the distraught Amelia. "Ahhhh, Keelah!" Tali cooed, panting and moaning as her labia expanded as well to give her a prominent cameltoe. Her suit managed to stay intact even when her ass reached a size where sitting down would likely keep her the same height as she was now. Like two gigantic play balls attached to her. Her breasts had swollen, but only a minor amount in comparison, now just enough to overflow her hands if she cared to grasp them. Tali had been humping Amelia but making no real effort to move her, and she finally backed off as her growth stalled for now.

"K-Keelah, I'm so sorry, I, there's something in the air, affecting my body, and, um, well, yours, obviously..." Tali wasn't sure what to do. Pushing Amelia through seemed to be easier. "W-We shall try to dislodge you!" she asked before slamming breast-first into Amelia's rear.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 7:25 pm
by Silver
Pulled back upright by Tali Sabae wobbled side to side. Her still growing breasts swayed and wobbled, the half breed having to wrap her arms around her chest to even attempt to hold them in check. Tinges of pleasure shot through her body as her nipples were pressed in, her breasts bursting out around her arms as the soft, jiggling flesh threatens to over take her. "Getting... so much worse.... But can't stop." Her tongue hung out of her moth, resting on her fat breasts as a trail of moisture leaked out of her normally concealed slit, her scales at her crotch shifting to reveal the needy passage.

"H-how did she get stuck like...." The sight of Amelia's ass firmly stuck in the doorway struck her dumb for the moment. She tilted her head to the side to see past Tali, imagining just throwing herself at the swollen display before her. It took Tali's moans to distract her enough to bring her back to her senses. "Y-yes! Hold on, We'll get you free!" moving up closer she coiled up her tail. She took a deep breath, already feeling her fat ass pressing up against her thick tail. The growth of her ass was nothing compared to the size the others were reaching, most of her own growth seeming to focus on her chest. Her breasts jiggled and swelled, hanging down enough that while she was bent forward they would touch the ground.

Her ass swaying behind her, like a cat getting ready to pounce. "Get... ready.... now!" She cried out loudly, her tail uncoiling like a spring. It took a moment for her expanded figure to follow suit as she flung herself at Amelia, her fat tits hitting her first as the rest of her body soon followed suit. Her breasts squished together, sensitive nipples rubbing against the fat ass before her as she fought down the urge to moan. The rest of her body soon followed, her hands outstretched, pushing in on Amelia's ass while her own fat jiggled.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 10:25 pm
by Ulchaban
Tyr'ahnee jumped back to avoid the icy stalagmites, her tits bouncing widly. She glared at Dominator, frustrated. "I can't reach her from this distance..." She grunted. "I hate to do this but we better fall back!" She began to run, but her heels slipped on the icy floor and she fell forward. Her scream of surprise was cut short once her face plunged into her own cleavage; her engorged tits had softened her fall. Her wide soft ass stuck up, facing Dominator's direction. A not so dignified position for the Martian Queen. She got up, utterly embarrassed and humiliated, when she felt her outfit tightening further. "H-huh?" Her voluptuous breasts strained her top and snapped it apart. They jiggled freely, up and down, her pencil-thick purple nipples fully erect. Her cheeks flushed purple, and just as she thought that nothing worse could happen...
FWOOOOMP! Her wide behind puffed to two times its size and width. Each buttock rippled deliciously, cushiony shiny black softness bouncing up and down. Her thighs pushed each other apart, and her hips bumped so wide, so soft, she could use them as arm rests. Her open skirt now looked more like a fancy loincloth, dangling in front of her crotch and hanging on top of her buttocks. Tyr'ahnee let out a sensual squeal, holding herself back from groping her swelling curves right then and there. But that wasn't the last of her worries-- like an avalanche of growth her T&A began to swell out of control, her thickening thighs forcing her to widen her stance, and her tits pulled her down. Then, her heels began to feel tight, and the queen began to rise taller...

Back in the armory:
"Hello? Ack!" Amelia's ears went full erect as Tali touched her juicy asscheeks. "W-watch where you're touching!" She chided, blushing. And then she squeaked after the Quarian groped. Her blush reddened and her ears curled; damn did it feel good. "C... careful there." She bit her plump bottom lip. By the time Tali groped her breasts, Amelia had completely given in. She moaned, and stuck her ass out for Tali to ram. She unconsciously breathed more and more of the chemicals in the air, and she rapidly began to expand; her asscheeks bulged and swelled, further tearing her pants open. Her hips too expanded to the size of 'broodmother' hips, and then even wider, sustaining a pair of ever swelling peachy asscheeks, until each asscheek was as wide as Tali's own torso, and then wider. And wider! Her engorging rump soon reached the size of Tali's rump, then even bigger; every time the Quarian thrusted into its enormity, thick ripples jiged across its peachy, smooth width.
If she sat on a couch, she would fill its width and break the arms.
She panted loudly once Tali was done, and brushed her messy hair with her gloved hand. "...Fine. Be careful when you- GYAAH!" The impact of the two extra stacked girls sent Amelia flying forward. She landed on her cushiony tits with a heavy thud, before Tali fell on top of her, tits on the feline alien's head, and Sabae fell on top of Tali. Their enormous derrieres stacked a perfect pyramid, with Amelia being the biggest, as the base.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2020 11:44 am
by Mitsunami
"Little....further....gotcha, Queenie!" Dominator laughed, the ice finally reaching close to Tyr'ahnee's location and sending another round of ice spikes up from the floor, several of them just missing the Martian monarch's plush legs and locking them in place while one big one just missed impaling a little further up, instead sliding up at the edge of Tyr'ahnee's swollen rump, putting the frozen-solid rod right up against and between the queen's gigantic, soft cheeks, turning what could have been an incredibly painful moment into an embarrassingly pleasurable one.

Still, there was no time to relax, as Dominator's next wave would surely pierce some more vital areas, but with her legs trapped, there was no way to move in time! The space pirate gave a cruel laugh, pumping more of her icy power into the floor and-

"Ah!! Dammit!"

The ice had slid under the lower half of Tyr'ahnee's breasts, but hadn't made any new stalagmites, as Dominator had been distracted just in time by her skirt finally falling down, having been snapped apart as her hips widened again to be a full eight feet across, her rear filling in the space with each wobbly, green, speckled cheek becoming equal in mass to the rest of her body. Said body had pitched forward as her breasts swelled, landing on them with a loud moan as they reached an equal size to her rear, her nipples jutting out as thick and long as forearms from areolae more like soft, squishy hubcaps when she hit her orgasm.

Brushing her hair (which had now reached a length that would trail behind her at least five feet if she could have stood up) out of her face, Dominator was looking embarrassed and livid at the same time. "Welll....really can't let any of you live now that you've seen cold thoughts can't do it....guess I'll make use of this....and get....good and....HOT!"

As she had been speaking, she had made her other hand glow an angry red, starting to let a wide pool of magma form with it. However, unlike the ice, she wasn't sending it along the floor, but making it rise, climbing higher and higher, bubbling menacingly as it started to arc over them like the head of a massive snake or...or like a....

Tsunami. She was going to try to strike them all down at once by filling the room with a tidal wave of magma, if not stopped soon.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:16 pm
by BioYuGi
Compared to Dominator and Tyr'anhee's fight, which was proceeding surprisingly viciously considering their expansive bodies, Tali's attempt to assist was far less focused. It had already been embarrassing enough that she'd clearly given into lust and humped this poor security officer's massive ass until she nearly climaxed. But then her and Sabae's attempt to free her wound up with Tali squished in the middle of a curvy pile-up. Sabae's large breasts pushed down on Tali's head while Tali's own sizable bust enveloped Amelia's.

"Nnngghuh!" Being underneath a woman of Sabae's species would have been enough of a compression. But since the snake woman had undergone a sizable increase in mass, she was getting thoroughly squished. But it felt amazing having her ass pushed on by such a heavy weight. If she felt this blissful in such a compromising position, Amelia must have been in heaven. "Nngh, Keelah, Keelah, Keelah!" she cried out. Tali's three-fingered hands reached down and grasped at the sides of Amelia's chest. She slapped and pushed them together, breathing heavier in a way that made more of the toxin fill her suit. With a fevered inhale, her suit ripped down the middle, exposing some of her purple, freckled flesh. But rather than be distressed, Tali was too aroused to care. Both that her tits were exposing cleavage and that she was now vulnerable to pathogens. But nothing happened to Tali apart from her growing further, with her pussy gushing as she grinded on Amelia's fat ass that exceeded her own in size.

"What's happening to meeee?" she moaned as she pressed her boobs all along the back of Amelia's head. Her brain was going haywire, with her booty jiggling and slapping against itself. It seemed insane that her booty was still fully contained, but her breasts had ripped the suit despite being magnitudes smaller. Tali took a shuddering breath as she climaxed from being sandwiched, drooling further into her helmet.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 30, 2021 3:58 pm
by Ulchaban
The situation was getting out of hand fast. Tyr'ahnee's cheeks flushed red like pepper as she felt the ice press right against her enormous juicy buttocks, and she stifled a moan as much as she could. "Hhhhnnnngh, why you..." She glared over the shoulder, over the doble hill that was her ebony ass, and gasped. Her eyes widened as the wave of bubbling magma rose higher. She had to get out of there. Immediately. She let out gruntlike gasps as she heaved her heavy breasts in her arms -them being so big they filled and overflowed her arms' width-, rocking back and forth and using her couch-crushing ass as counterweight. She stumbled back and nearly fell again after one of her hills snapped-- did it shrink when she wasn't looking? Tyr'ahnee stumbled as fast as she could, her figure wobbling exaggeratedly. She was naked except for her headdress, golden bracelets and collar, as the rest had snapped off thanks to her overflowing curves, exposing her dark purple nipples and nether lips.

"We have to get out!" Was what she managed to yell between heaving gasps for air.

Blue Diamond was already running towards the closest corridor, her own swollen T&A jiggling in all directions.

Before anything could happen though, a rush of air, now almost hazy with the mystery chemical, rushed through the vents and billowed over them like a wave. They felt their bodies seize up with pleasure unlike any other. Blue Diamond was the first to feel it. She let out an involuntary moan and pressed her knees together. Her curves groaned as they rapidly swelled with pounds and pounds of blue squishy mass, filling her multi-shaded blue dress to its limits. But as much as she grew in width, Blue rapidly shrank vertically. The curvier she grew, the shorter she shrank. Her dress torn open at the seams, squishy blue flesh bulging through the holes, then ripped more exposing more of her smooth skin.

Tyr'ahnee herself almost fell forward once again-- her breasts were swelling. Fast. She stood in place, trying to keep them from pulling her forward by heaving them in her arms. But they keep swelling over and under her arms, bulging and burgeoning like crazy, growing so big she could barely reach around them to grab her swollen nipples. But to balance out her massive melons her buttocks ballooned excessively behind her, with her hips widening to 6, 8, 10 feet across! She could use them as armrests! Her buttocks alone grew almost as much wide. Then wider than her hips, sticking behind her by five feet. Her thighs pushed themselves apart by just how thick they were swelling. Before she became completely engulfed by her own curves, something new began to happen to her body: her torso lengthened, her arms and legs stretched longer, with her other heel finally snapping off-- she was growing taller all around. In a few minutes the Martian Queen grew from a relatively tall hourglass bombshell to a towering 8ft tall hyper hourglass amazon. All as she tried really hard not to moan. She went cross-eyed with just how much pleasure coursed through her body. "MMMMNNNNNGHHHH!"

But the quasi-visible shimmering mist billowed past them-- converging towards Lord Dominator. The green-skinned bombshell got the brunt of it all, unwittingly absorbing the chemicals into herself like a curvy sponge. Her body tingled from head to toe. Her breasts and butt pulsated and throbbed with impending growth. Just how much she was going to grow?

And of course, the short gem, Peridot, felt the wave of chemicals rolling over her. Never before the analytical gem had felt such rapture, such lust, all at the same time. Every fiber of her body was shuddering, as the reactions within her body began to take form...

Meanwhile in the armory,

Amelia's cries of pleasure were muffled under the avalanche of Quarian titflesh. The groping, the squishing, the swelling... it was all driving her insane. A part of the Felinid's mind prevented her from fully falling into the squishy orgy. She had to find a way out of there, to help the occupants of the ship against the invaders. Panting, Amelia tried to crawl out from under the combined weight of Tali and Sabae's bodies, flushing a beet red. "D-damn it... h-have to get out... before I get too big!" Behind her, her ass kept ballooning, pressing against the Quarian's crotch... then AROUND her lower half as each of her asscheeks ballooned to sizes bigger than couches. Each.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 30, 2021 6:22 pm
by Silver
"The... the invaders..." Sabae said, her head fuzzy. Taking a moment to try and get her senses she realized she was laying atop Tali, her tail hotdogged between her asscheeks, wiggling side to side. Her swollen tits pushed down on the Quarian's back. Taking a deep breath, more toxin flowing into her body as she feels a warmth growing in her chest. "H-hold on.... it's the invader doing this.... we need to stop her-" She let out a surprised yell as her breasts seemed to burst forward several more cup sizes, each of her breasts surging almost like someone was pumping air into them. They hung out from her chest more and more, the growing orbs soon squishing out on either side of Tali, hugging her in a squishy embrace. The next breath they'd grown even bigger, reaching past Tali and to press on either side of Amelia, huge oversized bean bag chair that were attached to her chest.

Her eyes unfocused from the tingling pleasure of her sensitive skin, the next burst pushed her breasts to the ground, a long, low moan as her nipples pushed against the floor, Amelia's own growing ass pushing against her orbs. "W-we... need to... stop her..... need to do... something..." She Keeps wiggling more, her breasts soon taking up the majority of her body mass, vastly out speeding the growth of her swollen ass. "Need to... roll off you two..." She pants between breaths, starting to throw her tail side to side, rocking back and forth as her flesh jiggles.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 8:38 pm
by Mitsunami
"Higher....wider...BIGGER...! Heh...perfect..." Dominator declared with a nasty sneer as the towering wall of molten rock she'd generated reached optimal size for crashing down across everyone still in the room. "Now I'll just melt you losers, take what I want, and rule the entire cosmos with the fleet I'm gonna build from th-aackpth! Gah! Haff, plah, gack, pllltttth!"

The green pirate tyrant cut off with much hacking and spitting as the shimmery mist-cloud touched her, the oddly sweet flavor and tiny particles making her feel like she'd just inhaled a large cloud of perfume. Even what she didn't inhale was being assimilated into her body as the substance seemed to absorb right into her flesh, certainly finding no shortage of that. As she lay there, sputtering and coughing, her magma wall shuddered and became momentarily rigid, rather than falling on everyone.

A moment later, the heat hit her, making her body pulse with it, hard. As she groaned from that first pulse, several jiggles rolling across her expanded form, the magma shivered, a chunk of it falling back to the ship's floor. A second pulse followed, eliciting a louder moan, then some clenched teeth and a snarl. "No....not...not now, dammit!" Several more chunks of hardened magma dropped, splattering back into red, molten fluid as they hit. A third pulse, and Dom's entire body shivered, before her breasts and ass started growing again, filling out with more wobbly green flesh in all directions, her loud protests achieving precisely nothing as far as results.

Even as her arms reached forward to encircle as much of her own bust as she could, more of it was pulling away or else just overflowing her arms, green, lightly-spotted boob oozing over and under each limb and soon burying her arms in the very tits she was attempting to hold back, and still growing larger. Her enraged face was lifted higher off the floor each moment by the tide of titflesh-surging out, her nipples looking like the stems of a pair of ships, pointing forward as they grew in length and width. As more soft green boob filled the space on the wrecked end of the ballroom, Dom's snarl was starting to become hidden behind it, partly from the sheer mass of her tits, and partly from her body starting to sink into her own softness.

Her rear was determined not to be counted out, it seemed, as it was ballooning, if anything, even faster than her front, wobbling and slightly clapping together from the rate of its own growth. With each fresh pound of new flesh added to her already ample ass, the claps got louder, soon even generating a breeze from the sheer sound that rattled the chandelier. Among all the ice ahead of her, and the rapidly-melting magma wall, she was looking more and more like a green island trying to rise up from the lava and ice flowing into each other.

When it finally stopped, the others were free to observe the absurdly-huge expanse of wobbly green for themselves- approximately three times the size she'd been before, Dominator's main body appeared lost somewhere between breasts that were each twice the size of Queen Tyr'Ahnee's personal bed mattress, her nipples sticking out longer than Dom was tall from areolae roughly the same size in diameter, but puffed out so much as to appear like a second, smaller, darker green set of breasts attached to the first. Her rear had grown even more massive, clearing the range of the twenty-foot tits by several yards, the last bit of magma crumbling onto it and confirming its softness as the rock sank in a good six feet down, disappearing from sight. Judging by the shiver and moan it got, Dom was still alive and alert.

Make that very alert, actually, as massive shudders began running through the green walls of flesh, while the melted magma started converging on it, slurping up and around her body and beginning to take form as it turned cool and black. With a cry of rage, Dom was suddenly on her feet, off them, actually, hovering several feet off the ground, and leaning forward so her face could be seen- sort of. One whole half of her head was hidden by the Rapunzel-length snowy white tresses she was sporting, while her visible eye blazed with fury as the magma solidified into what looked like a leather bikini studded in spikes, along with a set of thigh-high boots attached to the bikini bottom with garterbelts, all similarly spiked. Risking a touch would show that it was made of solid rock, rather than leather, a fact further emphasized as it started to heat up, glowing red cracks forming all over it. As to how it was managing to levitate Dominator off the floor like that, it probably had something to do with the rapidly rotating ball of magma spinning over her right palm. Judging from how she was holding that arm up, she was devoting much of her concentration to controlling her magma-outfit to keep herself from falling.

"Okay...fine...we do this up will all of you kindly just die already!?" she screamed, starting to levitate towards them all like the world's sexiest and simultaneously scariest parade float.