The Tiamat Resort

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Re: The Tiamat Resort

Postby Geno XIII » Fri Oct 09, 2020 8:38 pm

'Of course each and every cluster of crab legs came with a claw.' was Geana's first though as her inhibitions started to melt like the butter sauce provided for her. Her round glasses gleamed as she helt up her hands with open palms facing her, like a surgeon's stance at the beginning of an operation... Once all the utensils she had were lined up on one side like such. There was a mad hungry gleam accompanies by a chorus of snapping of crustacean joints as she went to work on both snow and king cuts...

"Seperate the limbs from the body at shoulders... gently fracture merus in two... use dactyl to auger out manus... use cracker to fissure incision in cheliped and chela..."

Basically she was using the sheller and cracker to extract all the crabmet *first* before even bothering to eat the red and white bounties... Let alone the procedure she went into for the whole lobster as if she was doing an autopsy.

The tragedy of it all was she was having so much fun pretending to be a mad surgeon from something out of Repo that she was barely aware of the chatter. Just that somebody asked to keep... a pet or something. It better not jump on the table to take her prescious meat!!
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Re: The Tiamat Resort

Postby Silver » Sat Oct 10, 2020 11:37 am

Wes raised an eyebrow at Aiden's comment, surprised while he threw another shrimp into his mouth. He was still standing close enough to both Aiden and Genea that it made sense to him to continue in the conversation, even if his mouth was too full at the moment to do much more than listen. Turning to Rosie he finally swallowed and shrugged. "Well it was a joke at first but who knows. Hiring guidelines like that has to come with quite the benefits." He thought for a moment after that, another shrimp thrown into his mouth. While he wasn't eating anything big, the plate he had was quite full, and he didn't seem like he was planning to stop eating any time soon.

He looked at Ainera surprised at how easily she closed the distance to them without him noticing. Or maybe he just wasn't paying attention, hard to say. "What is it exactly? Grape?" He asked looking at the color. He lifted the glass to his nose, taking a strong whiff before finally sipping it. The taste was, quite unique. So unique he couldn't place what it was exactly. "No... not excatly... what is it?" He asked while taking another drink, a subtle warmth starting to grow in his body. It was little more than a dull throb right now, enough that he barely noticed it, though each additional sip seemed to help it along, the warmth growing and spreading.

The arrival of Leonor sent him jumping though, nearly dropping the glass as she burst in and he rushed to keep from spilling anything. If there was a profile you had to meet to get hired here she didn't exactly match the others.... though as he looked over her body, shifting a little to try and disguise any excitement he was feeling, he had to realize he was wrong. She matched quite well, just with the added benefit of being a tank of an amazon.... who forget to wear a bra while wearing white. It wouldn't even begin to attempt to hide the fact his gaze had lingered on her chest.
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Re: The Tiamat Resort

Postby Mitsunami » Mon Oct 19, 2020 4:23 pm

Millie's ear twitched at the mention of a library, though she did her best to keep up a calm facade...unable to hide the start of a smile at any rate, making Elyra the first person to get that rare expression out of her in literal months. "A library, you say...? That may be worth a look, yes..." she murmured, still doing her best to keep from having a good time, telling herself that no resort-run library could possibly compare with the one she'd been keeping for years, let alone her own personal collection of rare tomes. As her attendant stammered and shook while trying to offer more services, she stepped closer and patted the short, chubby girl on the shoulder.

"You needn't fret, Miss Elyra, I'm not going to bite. At any rate....hmmm....if possible, I'd adore a cut of steak-and-kidney pie, a side of roasted brussels sprouts, and a glass of red wine...Italian, preferably."

She smirked mentally at that. This would be what proved it. No kitchen outside of her homeland could prepare a proper British meal, she knew it. All the easier to justify her stance that this vacation was a waste of time.
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