Misadventures (Dungeon Crawler/Fantasy)

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Re: Misadventures (Dungeon Crawler/Fantasy)

Postby Chris_B » Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:01 am

I think it's time for an update of our character's looks:

Beltran is currently a 22-inch tall female cat-breed. She had long pink hair reaching her waist, matching the fur on her ears and fluffy tail, and her overall figure is a hugely voluptuous hourglass. Her breasts are two and a half times the size of her head, her waist is slim with a subtle softness and roundness to it, and her hips and ass are only a bit smaller than her bust. Her hips are wider than her shoulders, her butt looking like soft spherical pumpkins atop thick thighs. She has a bubbly, happy personality now thanks to her recent bimbofication.
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