The Tiamat Resort

Pick your poison, create your character and prepare to jump in. Basic rules and character profiles should go here so that people know what they're getting into and get a feel for what characters they'll be RPing alongside.

The Tiamat Resort

Postby Ulchaban » Tue Aug 25, 2020 7:44 pm

Synopsis: A group of people receive mysterious coupons for a stay at the Tiamat Resort, with all expenses covered, and a deluxe treatment for all. What they don't know is that the resort is run by a mischievous dragon goddess, who has plans for each and every one of them...

-Many, MANY sexual hijinks will occur within the resort, and as such all types of expansion are allowed: growth, giantess, FMG, hourglass, BE, lactation etc.

-Partial TF such as cowgirl TF are allowed, but dragon TF will be the main focus of this RP. All characters must become part dragon in some way.

-TG, hypnosis, and mental TFs are also allowed.

-There is a "TF slide" for how much you want to transform your character, ranging from horns, wings, and tail, to fully anthropomorphic.

-OCs and existing characters are both allowed.

-Exotic TF's like centaur or serpentine dragon are allowed.


Character bio w/ description:

Process likes:

Process middleground:

Process dislikes:

Level of dragon TF: (Can go from human with horns and tail, to kemono, to anthro.)
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Re: The Tiamat Resort

Postby Ulchaban » Tue Aug 25, 2020 8:07 pm


Bio: the mysterious owner of the Tiamat Resort is actually a dragon goddess in disguise. She is a mischievous trickster, able to alter the bodies of whomever she touches, and granting (monkey paw) wishes that work well way too much.
She is also capable of hypnotizing, and creating illusions.

Human Form: Long black hair tied in a ponytail, green eyes, pale skin. Petite in height but with wide voluptuous curves. Seemingly skinny.
Dragoness form: Double the curves, athletic build, 7ft tall, emerald green inner scales and jet black outer scales. Has four silver horns. Luscious, wavy green hair.

Process likes: Giantess, growth, hourglass expansion, FMG, weight gain, smothering, lactation, facesitting, TF.
Process middleground: Hypnosis, TG, mental TF, futa, bimbofication.
Process Dislikes: Anything involving human waste, bad smells.
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Re: The Tiamat Resort

Postby Geno XIII » Sat Aug 29, 2020 12:14 am

Character bio w/ description:

Geana Withers
Short answer, I was thinking of just having said character look like an expy of Futaba Sakura
Just with small bluetooth earbuds instead of headphones and the greens replaced with reds. Also way more of a starting personality like Crona from Soul Eater.

Process Likes- TG, BE, anthro TF, female muscle growth, giantess, amazon, lactation, pussy/clit growth, multiboob, mind control, increased pleasure.

Process Middleground- I'm open to anything that isn't listed so far.

Process Dislikes- Shrinking, Inatimate, full tf.

Level of dragon TF: [discussed in DMs]
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Re: The Tiamat Resort

Postby GiygasBandicoot » Sat Aug 29, 2020 10:53 am

Character bio w/ Description:

Aiden Everley
Aiden Small.png

A former jock turned femme looking cheerleader boy. Aiden is optimistic, peppy, and flirty and always eager for new ways to show off his looks

Process likes: P much anything, Gender change, wg, transformation, muscle growth, expansion, hypnosis, mental change, Lactation, hyper

Process Middleground: Open to pretty much anything if you ask first

Process Dislikes: Stuff related to bodily fluids, slob, etc

Amount of TF: I'd like Kemono, human with a decent amount of dragon traits
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Re: The Tiamat Resort

Postby Silver » Sat Aug 29, 2020 9:15 pm

Character bio w/ description:
Wes Faux
Tall with short black hair and brown eyes. Fairly plain build that's a little on the heavier side. Tends to dress plainly with orange t shirt and jeans and sunglasses that sit on his head while indoors. Fairly laid back and go with the flow in attitude.

Process likes: giantess, be, tg/TF, lactation, mini, futa

Process middleground: mental effects, other not listed

Process dislikes: Inanimate, general "nasty" scat, guro, etc.

Level of dragon TF: Monster girl Wyrm. (Snake dragon, horns, clawed arms, tail is scaled, torso is skin)
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Re: The Tiamat Resort

Postby Mitsunami » Wed Sep 02, 2020 9:04 pm

Character bio w/ description: Millie Inquetome. Average in height, as well as chest size, though with a slightly more pronounced rear and set of hips than most women, earning her many an unwanted goose from some male patrons to her library. As expected from years of reading in dimly-lit rooms, Millie is forced to wear strong spectacles in order to see anything. Usually, she wears a drab black dress with her shoulder-length black hair fixed into a bun. Preferring the company of books to people, she is quick to dismiss others as being too unintelligent to be worth sparing many words to, her disdain usually increasing in proportion to how loud a given person is.

Process Likes: Expansion of the breasts, ass, hips, thighs, lips, pussy (don't have an upper limit, shoot for immobility if you want) various mammal-themed TFs, favorite is still cow-themed, hair lengthening, lactation, multibreast, weight gain.

Process Middleground: Anything not listed above or below.

Process Dislikes: Futa, muscle beyond physically fit level, pregnancy, expansion via inflation, bodyswap, robot TF, bug TF, mermaid, tentacles (fine with binding, but penetration makes me uncomfortable).

Level of dragon TF: Horns, tail, ears, hands and feet. Prefer smooth-scale type.
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Re: The Tiamat Resort

Postby Lady Exie » Thu Sep 03, 2020 6:55 pm

Character bio w/ description:
Rosie Cervantes
A cheerful and outgoing young woman, always eager to make new friends, but can often times be a bit overbearing when it comes to getting people to like her.


Process likes: Breast expansion, ass expansion, hourglass expansion, pussy expansion, clit growth, futa, lactation, multiboob, giantess growth, partial animal tf, anthro tf, preg
Process meh's: Anything not on dislikes discuss with me first
Process dislike: shrinking, scat, bad smells, inanimate
Level of dragon TF: Horns, tail, ears, hands, and feet. Scaly arms and legs are fine too)
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Re: The Tiamat Resort

Postby grandsin » Thu Sep 03, 2020 7:07 pm

Character bio w/ description:

Jeanne Evangeline Bauduin

Short with a somewhat lazy attitude has a large sweet tooth. She stand around a five foot with with platinum blond hair and gentle green eyes. She has a thin lithe figure. Her hair is generally long reaching her knees. Generally laid back shes the type to go with the flow and avoids taking a active path. A firm believer of no matter how fast or slow she goes she will always reach the end.

Process likes: ae, be, tg/TF, lactation, mini, futa, multi breast, etc

Process middleground: mental effects, belly, others not listed

Process dislikes: Inanimate, general "nasty" scat, guro, gassy, others not listed

Level of dragon TF: varies just notify me!
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