5 ideas

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5 ideas

Postby AvalonsFourth » Mon Aug 29, 2022 9:55 pm

will just make signup threads given board is slow as is
will update with links

more may come
Idea 1
Setting: Stargate
A mission sends an SG team to a world with a Gou'ld using an Alterran DNA manipulation machine that is operating on a scale they do not realize. The changes are growing unstable and will kill the world's populace if things continue. They must be stopped.
Variant: It is not the SGC that is in overall command, but instead OP-CORE. seize the machine, bring it to the castle.

opcore is an evil sgc
made for cancelled mmo
Idea 2
Setting: Near Future Noir or Superhero
A gang stole experimental body sculpting nanotechnology. Testing phase was not completed and reckless use has led to deaths. Starting from the most recent victim, recover the nanites and acquire a list of customers so no more die.
Variant: Nanites have been found in the water supply. Get to the machine and use the kill command to shut down all nanites, or the whole city will be consumed.

near future is less 2077
more og bladerunner
think batman look for superhero
Idea 3
Setting: Yugioh
Mankor's Yugimood tournament, but Swiss rather than Single elimination unless very few are interested.

rp will prob not be random void
Idea 4
Setting: Vaguely Modern
Foot race but with Mario Kart style of items that cause transformations to stun or slow other racers, or speed you up.

may need way to stop being infinite
and stop instant win
Idea 5
Setting: Kaiju
Kaiju scale monstergirls are attacking. Get in mechs that transform into a facsimile of the appearance of their pilots and subdue them with pleasure from transformation devices. But be warned. The kaijugirls have their own powers that affect the mech, and due to link, the pilots. So don't be subdued yourself.
Variant: You are the kaijugirls.

could do both at once
chatting and ooc will be lazy
ideas and ic will do correct grammar and shit
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